I like making things

I do it for fun and in the hope that someone, somewhere might find something that I have made useful.

I am Tristen Miller, or hawkfalcon. I have been many things: a developer, a member of BukkitDev Staff, and the owner of ShockNetwork LLC. I am currently a full time student, making various things as I explore.

Below you can find some of my favorite, recent projects I have made and contributed to. Feel free to send me an email, check out my GitHub, or follow me on Twitter. I'm always up for a chat.


Recent projects

From an iPhone app to a Reddit-Twitter bot, a selection of my ventures.

Space Evaders

My first iPhone app, written in Swift. An elegant avoidance game.


A bot to scrape beauty from /r/EarthPorn and post it to Twitter. Written in coffeescript. twitter.com/EarthPornBot

Jenkins Clean Theme

A fork of Dakota628's flat theme, the best Jenkins theme, complete with icons.


The premier automatic Minecraft server maker, only for Mac. Written in Swift.


Everyones favorite IRC bot. Learns from you, using the HAL AI library. Written in Java.

Bukkit Plugins

From ServerTutorial to DeathSwap, I have created many plugins with the Bukkit API.

Connect with me

I'm always willing to hear what you have to say.